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  • Registered Acupuncturist ​註冊針灸師



Ms. Jingping Zhou is the registered acupuncturist. She graduated from Tianjin Traditional Chinese Medicine University in China. After graduation, she worked in hospitals with more than 27 years of experience of Gynecological disorder syndrome, and pain in neck, shoulder, elbow, knee injuries, and sports injuries. She worked with patients as partners in their health and knows the importance of patient rehabilitation education as a means to help facilitate well-rounded, active lifestyles. Jingping is also using acupuncture techniques to help with weight loss, and effectively alleviate metabolic indices and subcutaneous fat thickness at the abdomen in patients with metabolic syndrome and abdominal obesity.


Jingping is very passionate about combining her professional and complementary skill-set of acupuncture and other treatment modalities to help patients. She believes in establishing a treatment plan that will restore function and alleviate discomfort while maintaining wellness and preventing future disability. 

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